Thursday, July 20, 2006

Google calendar reliability - where did my calendars go

Only fools and horses rush in ... I logged into my Google Calendar account yesterday for the first time in a month or so. I was shocked to see that all my Calendars had vanished! I searched in their forums and saw similar cases with Google suggesting to try again in 10 minutes or restoring data quickly from backup. Well it's been more than 24 hours now and I'm hoping to get that data back.

It was a little foolish to transfer all that stuff from Outlook to GCalendar.
I assume Google will still restore my data (or is it their data ;-) but realise that I should have backed it all up!

Famous last words "I'll look into backing up my data once it's been restored".


Anonymous said...

Yikes, very sorry to hear that. We take all these issues very very seriously.

Please contact with your account information and someone will look into the situation right away.

mjbright said...

My first comment, wow I just need to mention Google to get comments!

Seriously though I entered a call on Wednesday [#66244751] via that page and they're currently looking ...

I was contacted about an hour before your comment asking if I had another e-mail address.
Just looked at the message headers of the e-mail-* they sent me and I see I'd given my work address.
So I guess it's my fault they hadn't found my stuff so far.
As I was logged in to report the problem I assumed you had that info anyway - Google not using their cookies properly?

I've just replied so hopefully it will get sorted quickly.

*- Yup I use Outlook, so I have to search for the mail headers - right-click/Options - to see the address a message was sent to.

Anonymous said...

You have two Google logins, my friend. Your calendars are in the other login.

mjbright said...

OK, good to know!
Would be nice if your support people could contact me (rather than posting here!).

I need someone to tell me what the "unknown" login is, because as far as I'm concerned I only ever use the same login - no doubt one of your cookies has the info but I need you to guide me.

E-mail please.

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