Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tele2 Mobile - when they say minutes they mean minutes

It may seem obvious that a mobile phone contract offering X minutes covers voice calls only, but to me it wasn't. Maybe it's because I've worked in Telecom prepaid for too long and understand the way the billing systems (can) work.

I took out a contract with Tele2 Mobile with the intention of using it as an SMS Gateway. For me a 30 minutes contract costing 10 euros/month with SMSes at 9cents meant that I could send about 100 SMS a month if I didn't make any voice calls. Wrong, be aware that you'll pay any SMS on top. It's not expensive, unless you weren't planning on any voice calls (OK, I'm not yer average user ....).

Would be nice if Tele2 could show a little more flexibility, but given their incompetency at billing me and providing correct phone numbers to call them on their unlikely to offer me something suitable. I got a nice letter threatening me for non-payment today (they already have my bank details and I had selected automated payment).

Don't you just love companies who threaten their customers (when it's due to the companies' own incompetence!)?

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