Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Listing files in a hierarchy, ordered by size, mtime etc ..

Nowadays I put all my eBooks into my Dropbox.  I've got more than a thousand PDFs in there and am frequently adding new ones.  Of course I don't have time to read them but I would like to be able to see which are the latest additions in the hierarchy of files.

I was surprised not to find a utility to do this for me ... I'm sure I'm reinventing the wheel and would have preferred to pick up an existing script.  But I didn't find one so I set about hacking a quick Perl script. So far Perl is what's quickest and easiest for me.

The script usage is show below:

  ./ [-r] [-] [-size|-mtime|-ctime|-atime] <DIR>

   -size:   order by file/dir size
   -mtime:  order by file/dir mtime
   -ctime:  order by file/dir ctime
   -atime:  order by file/dir atime

   -f: only list files
   -d: only list directories
   -r: reverse 'descending' order of listing
   -: show only N elements

So now to see which files were added last into my z/Books hierarchy I run the command
    ./ -mtime z/Books/

or to see just the 10 oldest
    ./ -r -10 -mtime z/Books/

or the 10 largest
    ./ -r -10 -mtime z/Books/

The script is available here in my github Tools repository.

That wasn't the plan ... I was going to do some Python/Django or some C# this evening ...

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