Sunday, April 14, 2013

Monitoring Git repo changes by e-mail ...

Now this is no doubt reinveinting the wheel, but I didn't find anything suiting me when doing a search for git monitoring tools and once I'd figured out the git commands it was a pretty simple matter to implement this very short bash script.

I posted github_monitor to my github account.
I wanted something which could be invoked under cron and notify me of changes, including source code, to a git repository as it gets updated.  This of course could mean a lot of traffic so I decided to start to use it on a small repository - DevStack - and see how it goes.

Another little step on the road to OpenStack.

This is a similar approach to my web scraper way of doing things, detecting changes and mailing the results.

Using the script is described here:

Hope this is of use to someone ...

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