Coursera's Startup Engineering

Un petit mot pour promouvoir cette nouvelle MOOC de Coursera "Startup Engineering" donne par l'Universite de Stanford.

Un petit mot en Francais car je cherche a encourager des Francophones et bien plut exactement des Grenoblois (Grenoblois comme moi biensur - resident).
J'aimerai bien qu'on puisse former une petite equipe sur Grenoble.

Connaissez-vous des gens sur la region susceptible a s'interesser a ce MOOC?

Voir syllabus ci-bas.
Attention, premier devoir a faire d'ici mercredi prochain (horaire US).

Merci de faire suivre.


WeekWeek ofTechnicalPhilosophicalHW outHW DueNotes
1June 17Start: Sign up for webservices, get server up, node/npm, basic JSIntroduction: a startup is a business built to grow rapidlyHW1 out June 19 at 5pm PTHW1: easy to allow late start
2June 24Dev Environment: Unix CLI, git, emacs, REPL, dotfiles, edit HTMLYour market: The most important choice in a startupHW2 out June 26 at 5pm PTHW1 due June 26 at 11:59pm Pacific Time
3July 1Product/Design: Market research, wireframing, design, CSSSome basic principles of market research, design, and PRHW3 out July 3 at 5pm PTHW2 due July 3 at 11:59pm Pacific Time
4July 8Mobile: HTTP, user agents, responsive design, BootstrapWhy do VCs love mobile/local/social? And what will they love next?HW4 out July 10 at 5pm PTHW3 due July 10 at 11:59pm Pacific Time
5July 15Frontend JS: social and payment integration, frontend testingRegulation, disruption, and the technologies of 2013HW5 out July 17 at 5pm PTHW4 due July 17 at 11:59pm Pacific Time
6July 22Backend JS: command line UI, DB, ORM, backend testingHow to disrupt everything, including the governmentHW6 out July 24 at 5pm PTHW5 due July 24 at 11:59pm Pacific Time
7July 29Full Stack JS I: Set up REST JSON API, client-side templatingFounding, conception, composition, and capitalizationHW7 out June 31 at 5pm PTHW6 due July 31 at 11:59pm Pacific TimeHW7: short to allow focus
8Aug 5Full Stack JS II: Consume APIs, widget as API client, data pipelineDev scaling: engineers vs. CPUs. DRY, docs, tests, code reviewFinal Project focus beginsHW7 due Aug 7 at 11:59pm Pacific TimeFP worked on all quarter, but now total focus
9Aug 12Marketing: Video Editing, Analytics, CAC/LTV/Funnel Final ProjectBusiness scaling: sales, marketing, the funnel, finance, accounting
10Aug 19Summary and RecapSummary and RecapFP winners declared at Aug. 25, 2013 at 11:59pm Pacific Time


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