Thursday, June 20, 2013

Coursera's Startup Engineering

Un petit mot pour promouvoir cette nouvelle MOOC de Coursera "Startup Engineering" donne par l'Universite de Stanford.

Un petit mot en Francais car je cherche a encourager des Francophones et bien plut exactement des Grenoblois (Grenoblois comme moi biensur - resident).
J'aimerai bien qu'on puisse former une petite equipe sur Grenoble.

Connaissez-vous des gens sur la region susceptible a s'interesser a ce MOOC?

Voir syllabus ci-bas.
Attention, premier devoir a faire d'ici mercredi prochain (horaire US).

Merci de faire suivre.


WeekWeek ofTechnicalPhilosophicalHW outHW DueNotes
1June 17Start: Sign up for webservices, get server up, node/npm, basic JSIntroduction: a startup is a business built to grow rapidlyHW1 out June 19 at 5pm PTHW1: easy to allow late start
2June 24Dev Environment: Unix CLI, git, emacs, REPL, dotfiles, edit HTMLYour market: The most important choice in a startupHW2 out June 26 at 5pm PTHW1 due June 26 at 11:59pm Pacific Time
3July 1Product/Design: Market research, wireframing, design, CSSSome basic principles of market research, design, and PRHW3 out July 3 at 5pm PTHW2 due July 3 at 11:59pm Pacific Time
4July 8Mobile: HTTP, user agents, responsive design, BootstrapWhy do VCs love mobile/local/social? And what will they love next?HW4 out July 10 at 5pm PTHW3 due July 10 at 11:59pm Pacific Time
5July 15Frontend JS: social and payment integration, frontend testingRegulation, disruption, and the technologies of 2013HW5 out July 17 at 5pm PTHW4 due July 17 at 11:59pm Pacific Time
6July 22Backend JS: command line UI, DB, ORM, backend testingHow to disrupt everything, including the governmentHW6 out July 24 at 5pm PTHW5 due July 24 at 11:59pm Pacific Time
7July 29Full Stack JS I: Set up REST JSON API, client-side templatingFounding, conception, composition, and capitalizationHW7 out June 31 at 5pm PTHW6 due July 31 at 11:59pm Pacific TimeHW7: short to allow focus
8Aug 5Full Stack JS II: Consume APIs, widget as API client, data pipelineDev scaling: engineers vs. CPUs. DRY, docs, tests, code reviewFinal Project focus beginsHW7 due Aug 7 at 11:59pm Pacific TimeFP worked on all quarter, but now total focus
9Aug 12Marketing: Video Editing, Analytics, CAC/LTV/Funnel Final ProjectBusiness scaling: sales, marketing, the funnel, finance, accounting
10Aug 19Summary and RecapSummary and RecapFP winners declared at Aug. 25, 2013 at 11:59pm Pacific Time

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