Saturday, April 05, 2014

Java 8 Lambdas and Devices avec Stephen Chin

I went along to the local Java User Group (alpes-jug) this Thursday evening for this presentation by Stephen Chin, Java Technology Evangelist at Oracle.

Stephen is currently doing his NightHacking Java8 Tour which you can follow here.
The evening got a very good turnout, a full house at Cowork in Grenoble.

It was a very interesting evening, to see the major language advances in Java8 (many of which seem to be inspired by Scala).

He also showed some (Java7-based) JavaFX demos on various devices including a SmartWatch and a Raspberry Pi based tablet.

I particularly liked his Lego/Segway/Java implementation, implemented using a Raspberry Pi.

Stephen's slides are on Slideshare (not those shown on Thursday but simillar), here

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