Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#DockerCon Hackathon, San Francisco – the Phedds are off !

On Saturday morning the #DockerCon Hackathon started prior to the San Francisco DockerCon.

I formed the team « The Phedds » to work on the @fenomenaldocker, « Phenomenal Docker demos » project.  We have a strong team ranging from UI/UX,  Javascript/Java development through to system and of course container skills in our 6 man team.

I’d posted here on this blog and on the Meetup page my idea for this Docker demo system.  Several people showed their interest and so we were able to form a 5 man team.

Our team achieved some awesome work in just 24 hours, thanks to
-       Mario who works for Zenika in Paris, as a Docker-certified consultant/trainer
-       Kalyan Thatikonda who works for Salesforce
-       Zorigt
-       Ryan Van Niekerk, working with GoPro, living working a stones’ throw from the Marriot where the Hackathon is being held.

I was very pleased to have Mario onboard as we had won the Paris Hackathon together with the Sublime-Docker project (Marios’ idea of an integration of Sublime Text editor with Docker).  Mario subsequently created the umbrella DOMIDE project in which he recently added an Eclipse-Docker integration.

I must give a special shoutout to Ryan who had already been thinking about this sort of project for sometime and especially had the skills to implement it.
Ryan couldn’t be stopped as he hacked through the night on VisJS, D3js, Express, WebSockets – he was a man with a mission.

There’s a cool demo video of the project on YouTube here.

I think you can see that there’s real potential for a slick and functional demo system here and we will go further … Ryan is already in the starting blocks for that ...

Whilst we didn’t win the Hackathon, there were 40 teams competing, with some great results – I’ll leave Docker do an official post on the Hackathon results.

Thanks to the while team for their great work !!
I hope the whole team will continue to contribute to the project.

Thanks also to the Docker team and sponsor Rancher Labs for organizing the Hackathon.

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