Sunday, September 27, 2015

Jupyter - an amazing tool

So after months - well years already - of me saying Docker-Docker-Docker, and my colleagues thinking I'm Docker sponsored given the preponderance of Docker t-shirts I wear, there's a new kid on the block.

From now on it's going to be Docker-Jupyter-Docker-Jupyter ...

Jupyter, the multi-language notebook software derived from the IPython project is now in it's 1.0 release since August.

On Thursday I presented Jupyter at a Meetup of our local Grenoble Python User Group.

This was a useful dry-run for my presentation at Pyconfr in Pau on October 17th (French).
Though that will be a 20 mins presentation, quite a bit shorter.

The presentation mixed slides and demo integrated thanks to the excellent Jupyter RISE extension from Damian Avila.  This allowed to execute code within the presentation slides themselves in the browser.  I find this very powerful and it's something I will continue to develop for my personal and professional presentations and demos.

You can see an example below of code being executed within the presentation slide itself in a browser. In this case demonstrating the use of Sympy to solve a quadratic equation.

Note that the use of Jupyter means that this is live code.  I could modify the markdown (add more descriptive text other than the title), or modify the Input cell to express a different formula and then solve that equation within the presentation.
Live coding !!

I've posted the Jupyter notebook I used on github here:

Note: I've also submitted a proposal for Confoo in Montreal next February ... you can vote for that talk here (but you'll need to register)

Note: In a followup post here I describe how I used Jupyter to perform some basic Docker demos the next day during a training session.

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