Friday, October 23, 2015

"Ipython vers Jupyter", my Jupyter talk at Pyconfr, Pau, France.

I've posted the slides of my talk about Jupyter which I gave at Pyconfr, in Pau, France last Saturday, here on Slideshare, or here with the IPython notebook source on github.

I'll put a link to the talk video when that is published, though I'm a little ashamed that my slides were seriously cropped (lesson learnt: never believe them when they tell you you'll have 1440x960 resolution ... you'll get 1024x768 like anyone else !!).  Erreur de debutant as they say around here ;-)

It wasn't squeezing all that into 20 mins including a demo, so I hope to go much farther in other conferences later.

I was pleased to be able to use Damian Avila's RISE (Live reveal) extension allowing to edit and present the notebook in slide format.  For me it'a a killer app for Jupyter ... your mileage may vary.

I'll also post comments about the questions I got during and after the presentation.

One question in particular was whether or not there was a tutorial describing the use of RISE for producing presentations.  In fact apart from the github page itself, here, with it's README, I'm not aware of any tutorial but I do think it's needed.  I'll try soon to write a short tutorial based on my experiences.

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