Sunday, October 16, 2016

Container Con Europe 2016: Container Orchestration

Early October I had the chance to go to ContainerCon Europe in Berlin, annexe to LinuxCon Europe where I was co-presenting with Haikel Guemar and Mario Loriedo of RedHat on our respective sessions.

We shared 3 sessions:
- Mario ran his "5 containers for 5 languages" tutorial
- Haikel ran the "Container Orchestration" Lab
- I ran the "Container Orchestration: Which Conductor?" talk

But first things first, after an early start to get to the airport, on arrival at my hotel I had to go for a run, bascally around the "Tiergarten" and to the Brandenburg gate.

5 Container Patterns for 5 Languages

Based upon an earlier lab session Mario conducted at BreizhCamp, this session looks at various patterns of usage for Docker containers such as "copying items into the build", "mounting items in a volume", "mounting the docker control socket", etc ...

The slides for Mario's workshop are here

Container Orchestration Lab

All materials for this lab were provided on github here and here with the specific lab steps described at these links:

We provided access to a remote environment which some people used, or they could reproduce the labs on their own laptop - they needed just Vagrant and VirtualBox.
Though we experienced some connectivity problems the lab went well.

A big thanks to Mario and Haikel for their help in preparing and running the lab !

Container Orchestration: Which Conductor?

In this session we provided an overview of the need for container orchestration, of the currently available orchestration engines with a particular focus on Docker Swarm, Kubernetes and Apache Mesos.
Mario provided us with a demonstration of Docker "swarm mode".

The slides for this session are online here

The Conference LinuxCon Europe / ContainerCon Europe

This was my first "LinuxCon" since 2012 in Barcelona.  That time I was on holiday, so it was great to have HPE support to come to Berlin and actually present and run labs this time.

I liked the conference venue (I remember there being less space to move around at the Barcelona event) and enjoyed spending time visiting the various booths ... of which the first I saw when entering the booth area was the HPE booth.  The HPE booth was generally pretty lively with 2 or 3 people manning the stand, and various freebies, or beer or tombolas animating the stand.

There were many things about the conference that I enjoyed, such as Solomon Hykes' keynote, where he announced the InfraKit project and then bravely did the first commit of this to during his talk.  Nice.

I also appreciated Mark Atwoods' closing keynote speech, dressed in Star Trek attire, comparing the 30, 40, 50s (which decade?) radio and collaborative culture in the US with the collaborative culture of Open Source software in particular as it pertains to the HPE "The Machine" project.

There were conference outings of course, in the evenings, or cycling or jogging in the morning.  This photo is from our jogging through the Tiergarten, on to the Brandenburg gate.  We had an excellent tour guide who led the jogging, providing many interesting facts about Berlin.

What's next?

Well LinuxCon, ContainerCon and CloudOpen will be merged into one conference entitled "The Linux Foundation Open Source Summit" in 2017, as announced here.

We hope to present again on these and other subjects (such as Unikernels) at various conferences.

Mario presented the latest version of his "Container Patterns" tutorial at the Nantes Docker Meetup on 28th November and has proposed the talk in other conferences. Mario's latest slides are here

For my part I've run some internal sessions at HPE and will present more specifically on "Docker Swarm" at HPE TSS in Cannes in February.

I hope we will rerun the Container Orchestration talks and labs and for that I've reproduced them in a common repository here.

I've proposed these for several conferences in 2017 ... still waiting for CfP results ...

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