Friday, May 19, 2017

PyCon US in Portland from today ... notes from our Container Orchestration tutorial

So here I am jet-lagged in Portland, hours before the opening keynotes of PyConUS.

I've been here a couple of days already as on Wednesday Haikel Guemar and I ran our Container Orchestration workshop which we're developing and running in conferences along with Mario Loriedo.

Thursday I contributed to the Jupyter/IPython-in-depth tutorial led by Matthias Buissionier and MinRK core Jupyter project members, I'll make another post about that session.

Container Orchestration Tutorial The tutorial session2017-05-17 Tutorials, 1:20 p.m. – 4:40 p.m.

The intention was to
- cover each of Docker Swarm, Kubernetes and Apache Mesos
    - using both command-line and Python API bindings (Marathon in the case of Mesos)
- allow attendees to work through the materials-*
    - with their preferred choice of running on their machine (Linux, MacOS or Windows) or in the cloud.

* - currently on a branch at ContainerOrchestration/Labs/tree/PyConUS2017

To facilitate their setup I'd sent setup instructions in advance, but due to a conference website glitch it seemed most people did not receive.  Anticipating that many attendees wouldn't be able to install in advance I loaded up USB keys with executables (Docker for XX, Toolbox, Minikube, Anaconda Python, some modules, and docker-images) in advance.  5G in all.

The tutorial started out badly with barely working WiFi (I also had Chrome crash on me minutes before, and my PC very slow) which was a frustrating experience for all.

So in the end I demonstrated the tutorial contents (Docker Swarm and Kubernetes) on my own machine.
I ran both command-line and Python examples from within Jupyter.  I like to create and possibly run tutorials this way as it can be possible to build fully runnable - whence easily testable tutorial materials as well as mixture with markdown and rich media.

Container Orchestration Tutorial - contributions welcome
I welcome participants to look at those materials on github, run through the tutorials themselves and provide feedback by whatever means (comments here, e-mail, or preferably github issues or PRs).

Suggestions/contributions are welcome for
- bugs, suggestions for the code itself
- suggestions for clearer text description of steps
- suggested new features, or organization of the lab (we intend to make more modular)

New features could include
- more features of existing container orchestrators
- use of different language bindings such as Go, Rust (Mesos has native Rust api bindings)
- new orchestrators such as Nomad, Kontena or Morpheus

Haikel, Mario and I intend to continually develop this tutorial and run the lab or present on Container Orchestration in different conferences.  These materials will be finalized at the above url before being merged in to the main branch.

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