Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pori Jazz video portal using HP OpenCall

Well I haven't talked much about my work.

Here's an informal video portal which we setup for the Pori Jazz Festival in Finland.
The number to call with a 3G capable phone is
+33 438022705
It'll be disabled very soon, probably Monday 25th July.

Anyway, the service which you see is written in VoiceXML allowing to select the video to be seen based upon DTMFs entered. This was just a quick mockup with a few voiceXML and 3gp files but could have been much more sophisticated. The server used is an HP OpenCall Media Platform (OCMP-Video 1.0).

The platform enables rapid service development in VoiceXML, CCXML or through java APIs for using traditional Telephony ISUP protocols or SIP for Voice/Video over IP.
If you're interested look here:
HP OpenCall Media Platform (OCMP)

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