Sunday, July 30, 2006

Thomson Lyra PDP-2756X - MP3/Player recorder

For a while I've been wanting an MP3 player which can take external cards. I've also wanted something capable of recording in quality over line in.

I recently came across this little bijoux from Thomson which I bought from RueDuCommerce for just 47 euros here. Oops, seems I was too slow they don't have any left!
I ordered it 25th (late evening), it arrived on 27th and now 30th their all gone.

Anyway, I wanted to say something about why I ordered this and my first impressions.

I'd seen comments on the rueducommerce site from people who'd tried it with a 1GBy SD card (Thomson support upto 512MBy apparently).
I also ordered a 2GBy SD card (actually a Transcend mini-SD card with adaptor) so eagerly filled it up with MP3s to see if the Lyra could read it. Success!

I'm really pleased with this as a player. Nice user interface with clear menus. A little slow to browse my (2GBy!!) SD card but that's normal I guess. Coloured back-lit LCD display.
I like the layout of the display showing filename (scrolls), artist and track info as well as time and track time information. However the font is small. I like that though I've found that when I'm at the Gym I can't pedal and read at the same time!

I intend to use the line in to record old cassette tapes.
I expect I'll get better quality going straight to a PC but this shouldn't matter too much for these 20 year old tapes. I'll test and see. Will update here ....

Verdict: 9/10 - for the price it's excellent
+ I guess 47 euros was a sale price
+ takes 2GBy SD cards (will try 4Gby later ...)
+ has internal 256MBy (good as emergency)
+ records from line in
+ nice Display and menus - but you have to like small characters
+ Takes standard AA battery (autonomy untested but seems fine so far on NiMh rechargeable)
+ Complete with USB cable, behind the ear headphones, 3.5mm male-male cable, neckstrap

Should have a look at what's on the CD which came with it.
I might read the manual when I'm on holiday, then again who reads manuals ...

Thank-you Thomson,
Thank-you Rue du Commerce.

1 comment:

kingofbreizh said...

i order this Lyra yesterday, then i'm waiting! it's so long!
thanks for your note, I'm satisfacted to see that I've made the good choice and to know that my 2GO SD card will be ok with this player.

thanks a lot

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