Thursday, June 22, 2006

Robbie Williams in Paris

Last November I signed up to the Robbie Williams fan club just to be sure of having tickets for his current tour. Probably didn't need to do this in the end as at the Paris gig there were plenty of touts selling tickets and it seemed they were going at face value.

Anyway, it was an excellent concert. I don't like stadium concerts too much but there was a great atmosphere and on a hot day like that was glad not to be indoors. The concert started off with Basement Jaxx. I'm not a great fan but really appreciated them as they did a great job of warming us up.

Robbie came on at about 21h20 and played for about 1h45. Not incredibly long but I was happy that I'd heard all my favourites (as far as I know as I can't remember the names of lots of his songs). RockDJ which I don't like that much, I really enjoyed live. My favourites were Feel and Millenium and of course the first encore .... Angels. Once he'd sung Angels I was satisfied I could go home ....

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